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About me

Software architect and full-stack programmer with more than 15 years of specialized experience, with outstanding negotiation, communication, and analytical skills.

  • Proficient in Python programing language and FastApi and Flask frameworks
  • Proficient in PHP programing language and Codeigniter and Slim frameworks
  • Familiarity with Node.JS and Express.js framework
  • Familiarity with machine learning
  • Proficient in SQL and familiar with NoSQL databases
  • Proficient in Javascript, CSS and HTML and familiar with React
  • Familiarity with Docker and Git
  • Familiarity with Solidity and Web3.js blockchain programming
  • Proficient in MQL to design trader bots


  • English
  • Azeri
  • Turkish
  • Farsi

Work Experience

  • Rahbord Co.(2008 - 2016)
    My own company
  • Tasmim Yaran Co.(2016 - 2018)
    Senior web develope
  • Noyan Co.(2018 - 2019)
    Senior web developer
  • Ekeeep Startup(2019 - Present)
    Programming team manager & senior web developer
  • Simnad Edu.(2022 - Present)
    Technical team member

Professional Experience

Machine Learning

2022 - Present

Using machine learning models in predicting output results

Trading Bot

2019 - Present

Development trading bot on Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5 and TradingView

Blockchain developer

2018 - Present

Development decentralized application and token with Solidity on Ethereum and BSC

Backend developer

2012 - Present

Development web application with PHP

Frontend developer

2011 - 2022

Design customized template

Cross platform application developer

2014 - 2019

Development mobile and pc application with Cordova and Electron

Website designer

2010 - 2020

Design website with Joomla and Wordpress

Windows software developer

2008 - 2015

Development windows software with Delphi 7

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My Skills

  • My Skills
    • Architecture
      • MicroserviceMicroservice
      • MonolithicMonolithic
      • SOASOA
    • Python
      • PythonPython
      • FastAPIFastAPI
    • PHP
      • PHPPHP
      • CodeigniterCodeigniter
      • SlimSlim
    • SQL
      • MySQLMySQL
      • PostgreSQLPostgreSQL
      • MariaDBMariaDB
      • SQLiteSQLite
    • NoSQL
      • RedisRedis
      • MongoDBMongoDB
    • ML
      • NumpyNumpy
      • PandasPandas
      • Scikit-LearnScikit-Learn
    • Web Scraping
      • SeleniumSelenium
      • Beautiful SoupBeautiful Soup
      • RequestsRequests
Frontend JavascriptJavascript CSSCSS HTMLHTML BootstrapBootstrap Leaflet.jsLeaflet.js jQueryjQuery AxiosAxios ReactReact
Data visualization MatplotlibMatplotlib SeabornSeaborn BokehBokeh PlotlyPlotly eChart.jseChart.js D3.jsD3.js Chart.jsChart.js
Blockchain SoliditySolidity Web3.jsWeb3.js HardhatHardhat IPFSIPFS
Image processing OpenCVOpenCV PillowPillow Scikit-ImageScikit-Image
Node.js Node.JSNode.JS Express.jsExpress.js Socket.ioSocket.io
Trading Bot MQL4MQL4 MQL5MQL5 Pine ScriptPine Script
Cross Platform PWAPWA CordovaCordova ElectronElectron
Web Site JoomlaJoomla WordpressWordpress
Other RestfulRestful DockerDocker GitGit SOAPSOAP GraphQLGraphQL


My Services

Create Trading Bot

Development trading bot on Metatrader 4,5 and TradingView

Create Token & dApp

Development decentralized application and token in blockchain

Software Architecture

Software development as a microservice

Web application development

Development and create web application

Analysis & Implementation

Analysis and implementation of startup ideas

Machine Learning

Predicting results using machine learning


My Works

Trading Bot

Web Application



Mobile Application

Web Application



Data Visualization


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Iran, Tabriz

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+98 914 118 9645

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